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We focus on the organisation and running of our own tournaments, leagues and events. In many different competitive games we want to organize our own leagues & tournaments online and offline and offer fans and teams exciting and unique experiences.


Our goal is to establish an international esport platform for all competitive players, teams and clans and to offer the possibility to compete in our different tournaments and to identify with our tournaments & leagues.


Besides our focus on tournaments, leagues and events, we maintain an own production team offering other organisations and companies an esport like production for their own tournaments.

Current Tournaments



Charge Gaming Valorant Cup - Winter Finals

March 2021

Charge Gaming PUBG League #5



Charge Gaming

Charge Gaming is a rising and ambitious tournament, league and event organizer in the European esports sector.


Since the foundation in 2018, we have been organizing esports tournaments and ongoing leagues in the games Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds, Overwatch or Rainbow Six: Siege. With our well-established team, we organize exciting and thrilling tournaments for the entire community.

Our main goal is to establish Charge Gaming as an organizer of various international leagues and tournaments.

Furthermore, we want to create a platform for all clans, orgasms, teams and players where we hold our tournaments & leagues. Here the competitive community can exchange & network in one place, watch our tournaments and get much more information about our events.

Our Tournaments

With specially organized tournaments and events we want to sweep along and inspire players all over Europe. Whether as a participating team, commentator, twitch moderator, event manager, or as a viewer, it is our goal to present great and exciting tournaments and leagues. Both online tournaments, as well as in the not too distant future with offline tournaments, it is our goal to establish ourselves on a national and international level.

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