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We are Charge Gaming

We are a multigaming clan that focuses on Blizzard games, offers other gaming areas, and is driven by a proud, growing membership of 170 members.
There’s always a lot going on with us! We focus our attention on our teams, which we motivate with various support to enter into the E-Sports area. In addition, we plan, organize and realize our own events and tournaments.

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What makes us Different



It is the most important thing and is our top priority!
There’s always a lot going on here. Here you’ll always find someone to chat with, gamble with and even make new friends!
We keep you up to date through our social media channels or the news page on our website.

Events and leagues

Charge Gaming organizes internal leagues, tournaments and events, but in the future we also want to organize a lot of external events, so that teams from different German-speaking communities can compete against each other.

Casual & Competitive

We help you to rise and improve!
With various coaches and events we want to prepare you for the next level.
Both alone and as a team you have come to the right place!
True to the motto: „Don’t stop dreaming and start your journey today!

Our Players & Teams

Our teams and players are supported by in-house coaches! Our competent team members make sure that everything runs smoothly!
With fixed training times and a lively exchange in the TS there is enough time to work your way up the rankings without worries!

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Why us?


With us you can always find players to play with, with whom you never get bored. Some have even made their acquaintance in real life.


Our coaches are very committed to bringing you closer to the games at a competitive level to prepare you for upcoming events and tournaments. With the help of our team managers you will be able to quickly find new team members for your team or join an existing one.

No Barriers

With us you do not need a minimum number of active hours per week. In addition, there is no minimum number of scrims for your team per week. From the age of 16, everyone is free to gamble, chat and make new friends.

What our members say


At Charge Gaming it is very funny and relaxed. This makes it easier not to ignore the pursuit of improvement and training.

Hannes B.


Charge Gaming is incomparable in the German eSport scene. The level of the players, as well as that of the organization is very good.

Karsten K.


In the community there is sometimes chaos, but fun and the will to win are guaranteed. For me, Charge Gaming is the best time out from work and everyday stress.

Oleg K.

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