„This journey goes far, far back. Our roots lie with three separate clans: Iron Basix, CoopEra Gaming and Plasmatic eSports, who have decided to form a large community and now have a new name since the beginning of July: Charge Gaming!

With a well organized team and our constantly growing community we want to set off on the stony road to found a club and conquer eSports!

“Always at 110%” is the order of the day in all areas! With a proud 170 members and growing, we give our all for each and every one of you! We are a community that holds together, because friendly togetherness and fun is the most important thing.”

About the games we play

This message affects all homeless warriors in the StarCraft 2 universe. “Your situation may now change abruptly, because Charge Gaming is looking for dedicated comrades-in-arms!”

For those who have only dreamed of the top ranks of the European rankings so far, we have people at your level and also numerous patient coaches who will help you one day to ascend to the halls of fame.

In our highest area we offer you not only a relaxed TeamSpeak atmosphere but also many training partners at High Master and Grand Master level. Here you can stand up to all imaginable playing styles and members who have made the clan to what we are today.

We take part in many tournaments, including the Alpha Team League in all 3 difficulty levels and the Gonzy Clan League.

Of course, everyone is welcome to assert himself. So our veterans also compete in many solo tournaments, including the weekly tournament of the Go4’s for example.

To all homeless agents of Overwatch!

It’s too boring on your own, or you need a change again?

Whether as a Bronze or Top500 player, as a whole team or solo, here you have the opportunity to compete with and against other players and fight your way to the top!

We are happy to help you put together a team so that you can climb new ranks together and participate in our clan-internal tournaments/events.

Charge Gaming need new heroes! Are you in?

To all players who are annoyed with their friends or alone by Random Mates and no longer want to lose because of this game for game.

Because the CS:GO area of Charge Gaming is actively looking for further comrades-in-arms. Together with you we would like to build a strong and eSports oriented community in.

We want you

Start a new journey

Join our Community

Join us and climb new heights.

How to reach us


Contact us by e-mail if you have any questions, concerns, problems or business enquiries.


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