Charge Gaming

Great community & Awesome tournaments

Always on 110%

A multigaming community with the focus on e-sports. With numerous members and a variety of teams, we focus on competitive gaming fun and improve our skills daily. With more and more own leagues and tournaments we offer a rich number of possibilities to bring yourself and your team to the top.


She is the most important thing and is an important part of Charge Gaming. There’s always a lot going on here, so you’ll always find someone to chat with, gamble with and even make new friends!
With our motivated supporters, we guarantee a smooth process.


Charge Gaming is mainly represented in the competitive scene. With the help of coaching and organisational support, we want to guide our teams and players towards e-sports. We are therefore a very team-oriented community.


We support our teams and players in their progress to the next higher league. This gives us the opportunity to let our teams participate in tournaments like the Overwatch Open Division or our players in leagues like the Alpha Team League.

Our Partners & Sponsors

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Charge Gaming in Numbers

Registered members


Previous leagues & tournaments

Organisational members

2 Ways

Our Community

Our community is one of the foundations for the existence of Charge Gaming. Many players find fun with other players in the community every day and play intensively for their next rank in the competitive area or just in the fast game. With numerous teams in the individual game areas, we offer something for everyone that they like.


Games we play


With the help of our engaged coaches we would like to show all teams the way into e-sports and prepare them for tournaments and events. With the help of our team managers, it will be faster to find new team members for your team, or to join an existing one.


With an ever-increasing number of teams in our games, we want to create a competitive environment with us. With the help of dedicated coaches and team managers, we take care of every single team.


With us you can always find players to play with, with whom you never get bored. Whether from our own team or across teams, we offer a constant number of players, where people always find themselves to gamble.


Our section teams, made up of section managers and supporters, always take care of every concern of yours. This ranges from the simple question, to the player search for your team, to participation in big events.

Our major tournaments

2 Ways

Our Tournaments

With specially organized tournaments and events we want to sweep along and inspire players all over Europe. Whether as a participating team, commentator or twitch moderator, or as a spectator it is our goal to present great and feverish tournaments and leagues. Both online tournaments, as well as in a not too distant future, with offline tournaments, our goal is to establish ourselves at the national and international level.

Do you share our vision and are motivated for a new project? Support us!

What our Members say

At Charge Gaming it is very funny and relaxed. This makes it easier not to ignore the pursuit of improvement and training.

Hannes B.
Member of Charge Gaming

Charge Gaming is incomparable in the German e-sport scene. The level of the players, as well as that of the organization is very good.

Karsten K.
Member of Charge Gaming

In the community there is sometimes chaos, but fun and the will to win are guaranteed. For me, Charge Gaming is the best time out from work and everyday stress.

Oleg K.
Member of Charge Gaming

How you can reach us


Our Discord is the chat platform for Charge Gaming to entertain with members, team and player search, and an off-topic area for exchange.


Join our official community TeamSpeak and experience a new environment where you can feel at home.