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The PL4ZMA GmbH has brought functional food supplements on the market, which support gamers in a natural way not to have to leave their daily form to chance and their full performance potential to retrieve. The product concept is based on the approaches of competitive sports – to raise energy and concentration to the maximum level at the decisive moment and to optimise sleep phases and regeneration during the night before the competition or between training days. The products are based on the latest scientific findings and experience from biohacking. They act directly on the neurochemistry of the brain.



The main goal of the eByte project is to create a globally accepted and widely used money system for e-sports. Whether simple player, dedicated team, leagues of different game genres, streamer, admin or modder. By using the eBytes, any services in the field of digital sports should be appropriately remunerated and the independence and decentralization of the league and tournament operators in e-sports should be maintained.



TeamSpeak is one of the leading communication platforms and the foundation of our community.



FatalGrips is an online shop for equipment of all kinds for gamers. This mainly includes kits for better hold of controllers and much more.

Zed Up – Game on!


Zed Up is a German company which offers the trade with new hard- and software and the assembly of your own gaming PC. Zed Up also rents gaming PCs and graphics cards for events, LAN parties and for its own use.



MMOGA is the market leader for virtual goods. With a large selection of Gamekey’s and other virtual items, there’s always something for every gamer’s heart. Also support our project by either clicking on the picture or the button before your purchase. There are no further costs for you.



Gamertransfer is a platform for players, teams and more. Every day thousands of gamers find their place in the big and wide gaming world here.

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The gaming and e-sports sector is becoming more and more popular. Become a sponsor of a great and growing community now. Support us in setting up various tournaments and leagues and in maintaining our community. Write to us now at: lucas@charge-gaming.com